Open Colleges Landing Page

Open Colleges Landing Page


Harry Saunders

August 20, 2012


During a substantial increase in marketing activity, I was afforded the time to investigate and act upon some marketing initiatives with regard to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We realised that our click through rates from our display network (Google Adwords etc) was quite high but the conversion was low, so after some research I decided to optimise our marketing landing pages.


  • IA & Wire frame, UX Design & Graphic Design
  • Front-end development

Technologies Used:

  • Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JQuery

The Project

It was decided that we’d design and build a landingpage template that would be used for each of the main course categories, or sub-brands, to keep things consistent and to make things easier when duplicating the pages for future campaigns. The main elements required wherea registration form, some industry information, a course snapshot and some proof points highlighting why to register for a course with Open Colleges.

The Solution

After agreeing the content with the department heads, and then running a heatmap test on a similar page (course page), I drew up a wireframe using Balsamiq Mockups which, in turn, was signed off before prototyping with my preferred tool at the time, Photoshop.

Open Colleges - Landing page wireframe
Open Colleges - Landing page wireframe

Here is an example of the Open College of Art & Design’s landing page. I hand-coded it with HTML, CSS and JQuery. Please note, this landing page is no longer live.

Open Colleges - Landing page example
Open Colleges - Landing page example