Harry Saunders

June 21, 2014


StocksInValue, formerly known as MyClime, was a joint venture between Clime Asset Management and NewsCorp. I was tasked with designing the marketing website while the main analysis tool was being designed by contractors at NewsCorp.


  • IA & Wire frame, UX Design & Graphic Design
  • Front-end development
  • Ongoing management and optimisation

Technologies Used:

  • SlickPlan, Photoshop, Balsamiq Mockups, Hotjar, Optimizely, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS

The Project

The first step was to consult with the project management team from NewsCorp as they had acquired all of the user analysis and feedback. The main focus of the of the marketing website was to get users to sign-up for a trial of the analysis tool. My idea was to use a simple, uncluttered layout with highly visible buttons that would trigger popup forms. Upon completion of the form, the user would then be taken straight to the tool itself and scheduled on-boarding emails would be sent.

The Solution

Through meetings with the product manager and other stakeholders, I drew up some wireframes based on their requirements.

StocksInValue Wireframe
StocksInValue Wireframe

I got sign-ff and started to design a few prototypes in Photoshop. These variations were simply using different design elements and button colours so the basic wireframe remained the same.

StocksInValue Initial Design
StocksInValue Initial Design

After launch, the intention was to keep evolving the website through user analysis and feedback. Over the next couple of years, the site went through many iterations and was optimised for optimium user experience.

StocksInValue Final
StocksInValue Final Version

This website is no longer live as Clime has since adopted a more streamlined marketing strategy using a marketing landing page.